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It’s time to ‘finish what we started’

Neville Ray, T-Mobile US president of technology, looks back and looks ahead  AUSTIN–T-Mobile US is inarguably in a strong position based on a rich spectrum portfolio, an astonishingly fast field deployment operation, and disciplined, clear-eyed network leadership from President of Technology Neville…Read More »

routing – pfSense join 2 networks

Yes it is possible. You can do it by setting up a Static Route between your two gateways. See the documentation here: This is the same scenario as my network where I had a LAN and a VPN. All I did…Read More »

So what’s so great about LTE…?

Service providers in developing markets dominated by 3G networks may be thinking that leap frogging a generation to 5G appears to be the desirable option. Real Wireless CTO Simon Fletcher argues that LTE still merits very careful consideration. I want to sing…Read More »