How to Use vmPing | NetBeez

Do you need to ping multiple hosts and compare ping results to each other on Windows?  Straight out of the box, your best bet is probably to open multiple CMD windows, manually arrange them next to each other, and start individual tests…Read More »

Qualcomm appoints Jim Cathey as chief commercial officer

Qualcomm announced the appointment of Jim Cathey as the new chief commercial officer of Qualcomm Technologies. Cathey takes the role effectively immediately, and will report directly to Qualcomm President and CEO Cristiano Amon. Cathey has been with Qualcomm since 2006, most recently…Read More »

202204 Nokia (Fixed Network) Wi-Fi 6 White Paper

Wi-Fi is now universally recognized as a vital component of the broadband experience: if a customer’s in-home Wi-Fi fails them, even the fastest, most reliable, and lowest-latency FTTH connection is wasted. Wi-Fi 6 brings a step-change in performance that service providers can…Read More »

Amazon, SpaceX and others win NASA contracts

NASA is evaluating how to decommission its current systems in favor of satellite communications networks for near-Earth operations As part of an initiative to develop communications services for space travel, NASA awarded contracts to Amazon’s Project Kuiper, Elon Musk’s SpaceX and four…Read More »